These are two of the most powerful forces in human life. They shape the way we see ourselves, the world around us, and our future possibilities.

Images are visual representations of things that exist or could exist. They can be a photograph,painting, or abstract, such as a symbol or metaphor. Images can be created intentionally, such as by an artist or designer, or they can be unintentional, such as a mental image that pops into our heads; that’s imagination.

That is what my 13-year-old created using Lego; it’s an engine he imagined

Imagination is the ability to create mental images or ideas that do not yet exist in the real world. It is the ability to see beyond what is and what could be. It is essential for creativity, problem-solving, and dreaming.

Images and imagination are intertwined in many ways. Images can stimulate our imagination, and our imagination can help us create new images.

Like looking at a painting of a beautiful landscape, it can inspire us to imagine ourselves exploring that landscape. Or, reading a science fiction novel can inspire us to imagine new technologies and ways of life.

Images can help us learn and remember information. As students, we are more likely to remember a concept if we have seen a visual representation of it.

Imagination is essential for creativity. Artists, writers, musicians, and inventors all use their imaginations to create new and innovative works.