Everyone has a wish to follow a passion and turn that into a full time occupation over a period of time

We launched the pay as you grow programme for individuals who want to explore a side hustle or a new idea to explore


What do we have on the table

Setting up your Visual Assets

2 Weeks 

Any venture or adventure needs a good presence online, it also means you need to tell your prospects about why you do what you do and how


Roam in a socially connected world

13 Weeks

Having started on the journey with passion its now time to really start enjoying the view and telling stories about what’s happening in your world

Getting on with your game


The first year gives an opportunity for learning the critical things around your venture, its time we have experts plugin and help

First Step Today!

Let’s begin today with a discovery discussion


Happy Clients

Crew Room is a place in the Indian Air Force where connections are made between team members. This is a place of fun, laughter, discussions, learning, etc. Most importantly it is a place where connections are made. I invite you to watch interesting conversations with the best Air Warriors of India. We will share experiences in Leadership, Team bonding, Communication, etc. Conversations are Ours, Learning is yours. Happy Watching, Happy Connecting.

Nitin Welde

Amit consults organizations across diverse businesses, SMEs and Entrepreneurs to improve processes, talent development and engagement practices and make them more productive, agile and profitable.

Amit Nagpal