Do you remember when did you last write a letter or received one ?

Do you remember waiting for the postman to receive a letter from a friend ?

This was not too long ago ! We know things have changed, we see a lot of changes in the ways we communicate, we used handwritten notes, letters which gradually changed to e-mails, and now type and ready simultaneously, video conferencing had evolved and is now accessible to cross section of the society. Fundamentally communication still exist to its core, the methods have evolved so we maintain relevance.

Like communication there are many other things which changed as we grew as a kid to a citizen who votes once in 5 years in India.

Education, Learning, Advertisement, Entertainment, Businesses, Automobiles, and 1,000 other things

When it comes to businesses the most important elements are production sales, marketing, customer service and logistics

Remember we went with our parents to this one shop in Diwali to buy clothes?

Every year it was a ritual, fast forward today and we don’t wait for Diwali to buy certain things, moreover we have hundreds of options to buy from and we can buy any day of the year, we buy T-shirts from one brand and trousers from a different one, same happens for edible oil, shampoo, perfume, cars… so on and so forth, each of the brand has created a niche for itself, they have a crisp story which we liked as consumers, this created the trust. A trusted brand is the one we transact with, spend our hard earned money on it.

The new generation trusts the brands which are visible across different touch points,  they see on the screen read about it on social and business platforms it’s all about integrating all the available mediums to reach the relevant minds at different points of time, this probably is one of the most contemporary methods of marketing and can be termed as an integrated approach.

Again we see fundamentally marketing still exists the methods have changed, making it much reliable and tangible


I have been experimenting with light and shadows since childhood, the infection was very early, which build into a passion for photography, naturally turning into a profession, meanwhile I got to spend over ten years around business intelligence and consultative sales. Thank you for your precious time today, I look forward to connecting with you to listen to your story too.